For all YOUR rust protection needs from tricycles to battleships!


We warrant that Fast Dry Rust Destroyer® Rust Destroyer® and Rust Knockout® conform to our specifications and perform as per the technical data in our literature.

Fast Dry Rust Destroyer® Rust Destroyer® and Rust Knockout® are warranted to stop existing rust and prevent new rust for a period of 5 years, if they are applied as per label directions, and are not broken down due to weathering, U.V. rays, or damaged in any way by the environment. If you choose to topcoat any of the products for additional environmental protection or appearance, the product must be cured and then top-coated with the proper top coat specified for the environment.

Any of the three products mentioned above, will adhere to any and all paints but will not "go through" the previously painted surface, or "glue down" any unsound coatings. If the old paint should release, simply apply any of the products over the exposed area, allow it to cure, and apply the appropriate top coat.

Since we do not have control over the application, we cannot make any other kind of warranty. This warranty is limited solely to the cost of product replacement.  Any and all labor costs and/or consequential damages are hereby excluded.