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Brush, Roller, and Spray can apply both products. Our specifications calls for a 3-mil dry film thickness. Since the solids by volume are 41% the WET paint to be applied is 7.5 mil. (1mil equals .0254MM). Please note if you do not get that thickness, the products will NOT work properly. To be sure that you have the proper thickness use a micrometer to measure mil thickness.

Spraying Instructions

The following information was obtained from the industrial technical service group for spraying Rust Destroyer® and Rust Knockout®.

Equipment, airless spray with a 17 tip opening =. 017 in USA measurements, which equals 432MM. Using an airless spray at 2,500 to 3,000 PSI will atomize the products evenly.

For portability and easy use the equipment recommended is GRACO Ultramax ST 495 This is a portable unit for 1 and 5 gallon containers. But it MUST BE tested first. All you need is to be able to plug into an electrical outlet. This is the cheapest of the line. Cost approximately $2,073.00. Then you can look at the Ultramax ST 695, for $2,958.00 or Ultramax ST 795, for $3967.00. They all do the same thing. The higher the model number the bigger the machine, and the more heavy duty so it should last longer.

Also keep in mind that you lose coverage per gallon because of spraying. It is because you have wind, and the product will “bounce off” the surface. Additionally, some surfaces absorb more than others.

For further details on spray equipment and application please go to the link below for the manufacturers web site. If you are thinking of purchasing equipment, I am sure they will be happy to provide you with all information and a demo. · 1-877-844-7226