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PetroChina Company Limited

Congratulations! Rust Knockout® and Rust Destroyer® have recieved their testing certifications from PetroChina Company Limited - The passport to the petroleum, petrochemical fields, and pipelines of china.

E.Fabian, Los Angeles, CA, April 4, 2016

"For a number of years I’ve been using a paint called Rust Destroyer®, on the wrought iron gates and fences and even on the wood trimmings at my house. Manufactured by Advanced Protective Products Inc., it is the best paint I’ve found to prevent rust and to protect the wood. It goes on smoothly, stays on for years, and even provides a pleasing orange colored décor to my property. I could paint any color over it but I like the original orange, and get lots of compliments on it from friends and visitors. If you need rust prevention this is the best paint I’ve found on the market. I recommend it without any reservations."

Jim, Santa Barbara, CA, June, 2015

"We live about 2 miles from ocean and we have major issue with rust. So your Rust Destroyer® is really great. Even though it is only a primer, because we like the color, so it was not painted over. The only reason we need to do it again because after 20 years of the California sun it faded some. Thank you for a great material and it does what it says."

Saied Kashani, Los Angeles, CA, January 21, 2013

"I want to thank you for your Rust Destroyer® product. We used it to refinish the engine compartment of a 1971 automobile. We tried other primers but Rust Destroyer® was the only product to adhere to the metal plus a 40-year-old coating of old primer and old paint. Also provided the best surface for new paint."

BobSch, Santa Rosa Beach, FL, April 20, 2012



"We have had a great deal to tell you about Rust Knockout®. Some of our customers such as Meg Corp, Kennecott Copper, and Akzo Salt have purchased literally 100s of gallons and have been extremely pleased with the results. We have applied Rust Knockout® directly over rust at rate of 300 square feet per gallon, then top coated with a variety of products including urethane, epoxies, and 100% acrylics with amazing results."

Pro-Coat Systems

"Pro-Coat Systems is an industrial applicator of Epoxy, 100% urethane and rust preventative coatings and linings.

We have been using Rust Destroyer® Paint Primer for the past three years and have found many advantages as compared to using other products with similar claims.

As applicators we have found the following advantages by using Rust Destroyer®; non-toxic, no sandblasting required, dust remove loose scale; apply directly over rust; we have used many different types of top coat paints over Rust Destroyer® and have also applied it over previously painted surfaces with excellent results.

Using Rust Destroyer® versus sandblasting, metal cleaning and getting rid of the sandblasted material has been a tremendous cost savings to our customers.

We used Rust Destroyer® on the interior of a steel chimney support for FMC Corp. in Rockport, Maine which was previously epoxy coated. We were unable to completely remove the old epoxy but thanks to the superior adhesion of this product we were able to apply it and re-coat with Pratt & Lambert's Palgaro epoxy coating. Without Rust Destroyer® this job could not have been done successfully.

We used Rust Destroyer® to coat a newly constructed steel waste boiler which reaches temperatures to 600 degrees F, which was exposed to the elements at the Nepera Co. in Newburg, NY With the high heat temperature (800 degrees F) of Rust Destroyer® we were able to top coat with a high temperature paint with excellent results.

It would be too lengthy to mention all the top coats we have used with Rust Destroyer® satisfactory results but we can assure you that your product is the best we have ever used and we will continue to use it."

Anger Sales, Inc., Packaging Specialties

"The M. and M. Mars Co., Eizebethtown, Pa. has a potable water tank in one of their production areas.

When it became necessary, about a year ago, to reline the interior of this tank they had a problem. How to clean the interior, down to white metal, without sand blasting, which was prohibited in this area.

We solved the problem by high pressure water blasting the loose rust and scale off and painting over the remaining rust with Rust Destroyer®. The Rust Destroyer® was top coated with two coats, total & to 10 mils DFT, Hi Build Polyamide Cured Epoxy approved for use in potable water systems by the USDA.

Rust Destroyer®'s terrific adhesion and rust converting properties can not be duplicated and are invaluable in situations as described."

Cole Marketing Corporation

"With the New Year just getting started we wish to make a few observations concerning your Rust Destroyer® Primer Paint.

We believe that we were one of the first, if not the first, industrial/commercial distributor of Rust Destroyer®. It has now been three years since we started selling the product. You may recall we had some reservations about it.

Since Cole Marketing is mostly involved with instruments and devices having to do with bearings and pumps, etc. we felt that the product was somewhat out of our line. But, since we were calling on Maintenance Engineers and Supervisors it deserved a "shot".

Well after learning about the product we commenced selling it with our first drive towards the Municipal Waste Water Plants in Connecticut. Needless to say they are what is considered a very hostile atmosphere. It started selling because we put effort into explaining and telling people what the product would do and we assured them that we would stand behind it. The first year was a trail for most of them, but, they all reordered on the second and third painting seasons.

The industrial concerns were handled with the same approach. We overcame many obstacles with them. These included trying a new product ... which you must remember they had to order and wait a short period for delivery. They also had to purchase in specific quantities due to the packaging.. and most of these companies were used to telephoning the local hardware store for a "primer". Well we won them over and they became second and third buyers.

We think one of the best indications of this type of situation was Northeast Utilities. They are a major utility in Connecticut with numerous fossil fuel and nuclear facilities. We obtained a list of their service centers and went after them. Out of about twenty seven stations about eighteen became users. Some of the production facilities used it on their in-house maintenance projects.

When it came to the Connecticut Department of Transportation the acceptance took along time. It was sampled and tested by them in a "static" situation the first year. It went well. The second year it was tested on a salt spreader which traveled the State all last winter 1986/1987). It came through the winter with flying colors. It has now been accepted by the DOT for use on salt spreaders, snow plows, etc. we are still pushing with the bridge departments. These departments take a long time to test but, after approval we look forward to substantial business. This is the same approach taken with Amtrak which agreed to try it this past fall and will give us a report in the spring/summer of 1988.

Bridges have been painted with Rust Destroyer®. As a constant user, by all departments, the City of Bridgeport specified Rust Destroyer® be used on a bridge painting contract that went to a local contractor. They purchased (almost five hundred gallons) and the bridge, to our knowledge, has been completed by the painting contractor. The City has used it on all maintenance projects for three years now and even did a bandstand with it.

To give you some further idea of where Rust Destroyer® has been used. We have developed approximately one-half of the waste water plants in the State. We have five hospitals and over one hundred industrial accounts plus twenty municipal highway departments and twenty two town public works departments.

In looking at these results you must remember that Cole Marketing is a small firm with limited sales people.

We feel that these results have proved that Rust Destroyer® is the product it has been claimed to be.

We realize that many more gallons are sold through word of mouth referrals and we never hear about them ... the product is purchased locally on the retail level by the end user.

One of the important things to bring up is the end results. It may surprise you but we have not had ONE substantiated claim of any problem with the product. We have not had one occasion to file any claims with you, the manufacture. The one complaint we had was a reported failure of a tank top at a water pollution plant. We examined the situation and sent a sample to you for testing. Before you had a chance to start the supervisor of the plant telephoned us to apologize that it was not our product on the tank top. Needless to say the other product was stripped off and replaced with Rust Destroyer®. This was one and a half years ago and the customer has repeatedly reordered for other applications.

We think that it is amazing that a product of this type, over this length of time, would not present some type of a problem. But, no there have not been any. We have it being used in many, many different applications with out any difficulty. Friends have used it on boat engine headers, boat trailers, etc. and tell us how wonderful it is.

Everyone always mentions the ease of application after use.

So for a company that has been selling Rust Destroyer® for this many years we want to commend your presentation of an excellent product and we want to thank you for making our life a lot easier.

I am sure that the use will spread and spread and it will be come a nationally successful product that may be sold with confidence by anyone."

Avtech Construction & Engineering Corp

"This is to let you know of the excellent results we have had using your Rust Destroyer® Primer Paint.

We used it on steel sections in January 1983. It was applied without preparing the steel with sand blasting or wire brushing. The steel was then finish coated with a polyurethane enamel, with no compatibility problems.

As of the present date there have been no corrosion problems or break through at all."

Experimental & Production Precision Machining

"I have used your product, the R K 1321 Rust Destroyer® Primer on rusty and partially rusty surfaces in July 1982.

Up to date none of the treated surfaces show any evidence of corrosion.

I found the product to be satisfactory."

Ferrara Brothers, Building Materials Corporation

"We have been using Advanced Protective Products Rust Converter Primer for over a year, which we apply directly over the surface without the need for sandblasting and/or wire brushing.

We also applied this product on our concrete mixers, as a one coat system, top coated it with DU PONTS IMRON & found it to be compatible, as well as an excellent hold out for the top coat.

Up to date, there is no rust breakthrough, nor is there any cracking on the top coat."


"We are writing concerning the products being used by our company in the repainting and maintenance of our crane fleet:

Red Enamel #554 Rust Destroyer® RK 1321
1 component Clear coating -- 5856
2. Component Clear Polyurethan -- MD 865

We are extremely pleased with the durability of your product. The rust protection treatment has proven to be effective."

Frank Stamato & Co.

"I'd like to thank you for introducing to us your Rust Destroyer® which we have been using for over two years on our trucks and containers, which are heavily rusted.

Since we are using your product we don't have to do the surface preparations as before, such as sandblasting, wire brushing, etc. but can prime directly.

We are very satisfied with the quality and performance of your Rust Destroyer®, which lives up to its name, as well as the savings both time and money-wise by eliminating the need of the surface preparation.

We have found your product to be compatible to our top coats and there is no rust breaking through during the past two years."

New York City Transit Authority, Metropolitan Transportation Authority

"The New York City Transit Authority's Division of Track intends to use the Advanced Protective Product'sRust Destroyer® product in aerosol containers for priming steel hand rail joints on elevated structures. Please forward a Material Safety Data Sheet for this product and a certificate of compliance to New York State Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) regulations.

The Rust Destroyer® product is used by the Division of Infrastructures for the protection of structural steel by brush and/or roller application. Reports from user personnel indicate excellent product performance to date."

J. M. Groome. Inc

"We are pleased to send you a list of updated projects in which we have used Rust Destroyer® and Rust Knockout®. We have, over a period of eight years, enjoyed continued success with the Rust Destroyer® and look forward to the same results with the Rust Knockout®.

We have used Rust Destroyer® on the following projects:

American Cyanamid: Chemical Tankage
IBM: Cooling Towers
Ciba-Geigy: Chemical Duct Work
Georgia Pacific: Structural Steel
General Motors: Waste Treatment Plant
Nabisco Brands: Food Handling Equipment
Primerica: Structural Steel
Nabisco Foods: Margarine Plant
Avon Products: Structural Steel
Westinghouse: Waste-To-Energy Plant
Elizabeth Town Gas: Process Piping Maersk
Container Lines: Interior Coating of Container Cranes
Suburban Propane: Propane Tanks
Atlantic Aviation: Hangar Structural Steel
Atlantic Container Lines: Crane Interiors
Anchor Glass: Structural Steel
A T & T: Storage Vessels
Bloomingdales: Parking Structural Steel
Con Edison: Phase Angle Regulator
Executive Air Fleet: Hangar Structural Steel
First Fidelity: Roof Support Steel
Federated Stores: Sheet Metal Coating
General Electric: Hangar Structural Steel
Jet Aviation: Hangar Door Refurbishment
Liquid Carbonics: Tank Coating
Macy's: Roof Structural Steel
Nepara Chemicals: Pipe Supports
New York Telephone: Structural Steel
Orange & Rockland Utilities: Flue Gas Ducts
PSE&G: Turbine Oil Reservoir Tanks
Rowe International: Roof Structural Steel
Sea Land Services: Truck Scale Interior

Rust Knockout® has been used on these projects:

Nabisco Brands: Propane Tanks
Texaco: Aviation Fuel Tank Farm

We have used both products in these projects and to date have not had any problems what so ever."

J. R. Turner & Associates


On November 1O, 1969, a telephone interview was conducted with Mr. Frank Surrace of Lamb's Yacht, Jacksonville, Florida. The discussion centered around their dry boat storage facility and its construction.

The dry boat storage facility at Lamb's Yacht is the largest one ever constructed in the world utilizing a crane .to move yachts up-to 44 f feet in length into and out or storage. The only other facility similar in design, but smaller, is located Hong Kong, China. The ease and precision in handling which the crane provides, is in keeping with the reputation that Lamb's Yacht has maintained for its products that are custom designed and built.

As part of their concern for quality and performance, the people at Lamb's Yacht chose Rust Destroyer®, as the metal paint primer to coat all of the structural steel in their new dry boat storage facility. The ease of application, the compatibility in virtually any paint combination and the superior performance specifications, were key factors in the decision to use Rust Destroyer®.

Floating the steel in by barge and using their shipyard crane to handle the steel, enabled Lamb's Yacht to utilize their own personnel to apply the painting system, consisting of Rust Destroyer® and a high quality polyurethane industrial top coat. These factors allowed Lamb's Yacht to maintain the high quality control standards that they require.

The construction of the facility was begun in the winter of 1988 and the facility has now been in operation for several months. Lamb's Yacht is extremely pleased with the performance of the facility and its components, including Rust Destroyer®.

Lamb's Yacht has continued to use Rust Destroyer® in other equipment applications throughout their manufacturing facility."

Crawford Machinists

"As a restorer of antique vehicle components, we have been using Rust-Destroyer for the past seven years with great success. Bodies, frames, running gear, all have been protected with Rust-Destroyer and with no worries about long term projects re-rusting before finish painting and final assembly.

Even parts that are sandblasted and have deep pits are coated with Rust-Destroyer to prevent comebacks. New patch panels are painted on both sides with R-D, welded in place and welds repainted.

Best of all, we find that, with proper drying time, Rust Destroyer® is compatible with automotive refinishing products. Thank you R-D, for making our work easier in the rusty Northeast area."

Long Island Lighting Company

"Please be advised that Advanced Protective Products Inc. has been added to Long Island Lighting Company's list of approved suppliers. You will receive future invitations for requirements falling within your scope of supplies as the needs develop."

Bermuda Biological Station for Research, Inc.

"We have used Rust Destroyer® on our 65-foot research vessel, "Weatherbird-. Specific areas of use: crane controls (located outside, open to the weather), decks, new winch fittings and hydraulic pipe ends, plus spot touching-up on accommodations.

To date, we have found the primer very good, especially in areas where it is too awkward to achieve complete scraping and wire brushing. We are considering changing over from red lead and zinc chromate completely to Rust Destroyer® primer in all parts of the vessel. I would be interested in any other products you may have or which will become available in the future."

Sougerka Maritime Co. Ltd.

"Several months ago we agreed to try your new product, Rust Destroyer®, aboard one of our vessels. We put 100 gallons on board the M/V HAZEL at New Orleans with instructions to the Master to use the primer in many different locations and especially where rust problems were difficult to control.

I am pleased to report that the Master advised us that Rust Destroyer® performs unbelievably well and especially where previously he-was unable to control the weeping rust. He requested that we send him as much as possible."

Prosperity Bay Shipping Company Ltd.

"Thank you for your letter asking for our opinion of your primers Rust Destroyer® and Rust Knockout®. We certainly agree that application should be made to Lloyds for inclusion on their approved list of coatings.

For the record we wish to advise that both primers have been used in the holds of our bulk carriers for the past three years with excellent results. We are sensitive to the requirements of the USDA and are pleased with the non-toxic properties of both primers in addition to their rust converting and priming qualities."

Teo Shipping Corporation

"We are pleased to resort that we have been 'using your rust converting primers for the past three years with excellent results.

"Rust Destroyer® has been used extensively on all weather deck areas with no deterioration as per your literature and guarantee. Rust Knockout®, your waterborne primer, has also been used in weather areas but primarily as a coating for ballast and wing tanks. Even without the required topcoat for guarantee purposes we have experience unusually good results in the tanks."

NRW Sales

"THANK YOU Rust Destroyer® YOU SAVED ME $400.00!

That is the comment we received from one of painters supply & equipment company's customers at the Glenn Haege Home Show September 18, 1994. He had purchased Rust Destroyer® at the show last year, painted The exhaust system on HIS car with it (yes, his exhaust system! ) and didn't have to buy a whole new exhaust. He figures that it saved him over $400.00. By the way, he purchased another quart of Rust Destroyer® and left a very happy customer.

Rust Destroyer® once again destroys the rust and makes people happy."

Square Ltd Shipping Managers-Agents

"We have primarily used Rust Destroyer® in difficult areas where cleaning to bare metal is virtually impossible and on steam pipes. Results have been beyond our expectations.

Rust Knockout®, as recommended, has been used in tanks and other areas where steel is under constant water submersion with superior results. Steel preservation appears to be much better than when using some of the usual tank coatings.

We have been using these primers for almost four years and intend to continue."

Ted Moehnke

"Not only does it do what you say it will do, but it will lift the scale you miss so you can scrape and finish. We live on the water, salt is always a problem. It has been all of what you said!"

William L. Wilson

"Back in the mid 80’s I was painting a house in El Cajon, CA. IN the backyard was a large wrought iron bird cage half buried in the dirt. The owner of the house stated: “If I dig it up, I could have it”. I did – and I took it home – hung it up in my backyard in a pepper tree.

I washed it off with the hose – let it dry and gave it a coat of Rust Destroyer® (spray can). Let it dry for a day- gave t a second coat of Rust Destroyer. I didn’t give it a finish top coat. I let it hang in the tree for 1, 2, 3, 4 and finally 5 years and still no rust!

Each month I kept checking, finally 5 years 2 months later I noticed a small speck of rust coming through theRust Destroyer®. I’ve been using Rust Destroyer since the early 80’s and will until I stop painting or until there is no more rust – which ever comes first!!

The spay can of Rust Destroyer® is the best spray of paint I’ve ever used. Even the 1st time painter using the spray can look like a “pro”.

Thanks for the great product"


"We refer to your two products Rust Destroyer®, Rust Knockout®. Our company has been selling these products to our customer base, which includes many construction and engineering companies.

The feedback has been most positive.. They like the ability of your products to act as a penetrating anti-rust metal primer, which save substantial costs on shot blasting and surface preparation prior to top coating.

We are happy to recommend both products for their durability and ease of use."

Siperstein Paints INC.

"Re, your rust converting metal promers, Rust Destroyer® (solvent base) and Rust Knockout® water base.

The ability of both products to convert rust to a passive state, thus reducing the high cost of surface preparation makes these products unique

We like the ability to top coat them with a large range of finishing coats including solvent and water base epoxies, bridge paints, paints containing aliphatic solvents, etc.

for our marine customers, they like the resistance to salt laden air on ocean and fishing vessels. Also the flexibility of the coating on steel decks which reduces the problem of the delaminating on a moving steel surface

We happily recommend your products for all metal surfaces, where a cost effective and durable solution to ling-term protection is required"

Charlie Dyner

"Last Fall I applied a silver color Rust-oleum anti-rust product to 2 beach chair metal parts to save myself 2 steps of first applying your anti-rust which dries rust-brown and then a silver color to match the aluminum parts of chairs. Now, as I prepare to store them for the winter I discover that the rust has crept up the edges of the Rust-oleum silver and spread beyond. So much for saving work!

This time I happily applied your Rust Destroyer, let it dry, and then applied the silver Rust-oleum. Just like I did last year to the rusted door handles on my outdoor gas grill. They remain perfect after a full year of abusive weather exposure.

Our home garage has a 10 foot vertical pole that helps support a room above it. I never look at this pole other than to not hit it when moving a car in or out. This time I noticed what looked like rust on the bottom foot of the pole and the metal plate upon which it rests. Similarly on pole top near ceiling. I got out my Rust Destroyer and applied it, covering all the rust, confident, it'll do its job as it has many times before. Then it hit me. Without a real rust stopper, this pole would keep rusting and have to be replaced. Which would cost me hundreds of dollars, maybe more. Parts, labor and a temporary pole to prop up the room above while replacing the rusted out pole. The cost of a little Rust Destroyer from the can...$1...maybe."