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Rust Knockout® is the environmentally responsible high performance pigmented waterborne universal base rust converting paint primer. Rust Knockout® is the only product of its kind that does not contain "tannic acid" or other "acid type" product and does not have any of their restrictions on handling and use.

Rust Knockout® non flammable, non hazardous, insignificant VOC.

Rust Knockout® meets all current and proposed legislation nationally.

Rust Knockout® has created new standards of excellence and scientific achievement in the fields of corrosion treatment and metal protection.

Rust Knockout® is the first inexpensive, efficient and effective waterborne paint that converts active rust to the passive form, and provides a protective film that inhibits further rust even under severe conditions.

Rust Knockout® with its unique, special properties can be used in a variety of application areas, from the smallest household item to the largest Government, industrial, institutional projects. After proper application and curing time use the top coat specified for the environment.

Rust Knockout® forms a tough shield that adheres to any top coat and provides a continuous protective layer that is absolutely GUARANTEED TO STOP RUST for up to five years, when properly top coated with the top coat specified for the environment.

Rust Knockout® has recieved its testing certification from PetroChina Company Limited - The passport to the petroleum, petrochemical fields, and pipelines of china. Click to view.


Apply directly over: rust, bare metal, painted metal.

Rust Knockout® is EASY to use. NO sandblasting, scraping to bare metal, or sanding glossy finishes to improve adhesion. Simply remove loose scaling particles, grease, or dirt. Surface must be firm and paintable. Now the surface is ready for Rust Knockout

Rust Knockout® has superior adhesion to all metal surfaces both clean or rusted such as: steel, core tan steel, aluminum, tin, zinc galvanized metal cast iron.

Rust Knockout® is compatible with and has superior adhesion to a variety of top coats containing; aliphatic, aromatic, solvents; esters; ketones; alcohol base paints. Two component solvent free epoxy; 2 component solvent free polyurethane, clear or pigmented; 2 component water base epoxies; 2 component water base polyurethanes; and water reducible coatings.

Used extensively in industrial, institutional, and commercial environments such as: boats, bridges, cars, cargo ships, chemical plants, cranes, crude oil tankers, farm equipment, generator power stations, harbor installations, paper mills, potable water tanks, petro chemical refineries, rail roads, ships, storage tanks, transportation, steel structures, etc.



Q: What is Rust Knockout®?
A: Rust Knockout® is the environmentally responsible high performance pigmented waterborne universal base rust converting paint primer.

Q: With all the changes regarding VOC, how do you rate?
A: Rust Knockout® contains insignificant VOC. Maximum VOC is 30 g/p/l.

Q: There are other waterborne products out there, but they contain Tannic acid or another type of acid. This results in many restrictions about applications, and use. How different are you? A: You are comparing apples to oranges. Rust Knockout® does NOT contain any type of acid. It is so universal that none of the restrictions the other products have applied. It is compatible with any top coat.

Q: Can I apply your product directly over rust?
A: Yes. Remove all the loose flakes, surface must he firm and paintable. Apply Rust Knockout® directly over rust.

Q: What about previously painted surfaces?
A: Rust Knockout® is a self-etching primer that "bites" into the previously painted surfaces.

Q: I stock a variety of paints, which contain different solvents. Their manufacturers recommend different primers depending on the top coat. It can get confusing, and mistakes can be made, by selling the wrong primer to the top coat can you help?
A: YES! Rust Knockout® is also a universal base paint primer. This means it will work with ANY! top coat you are currently using. Reduce your inventory, and avoid the possibility of costly mistakes by stocking the one product that does it all.

Q: Other companies require a separate primer for each different type of metal. Do you have the same requirements?
A: No. Rust Knockout® works on clean, rusty steel, zinc galvanized metal, core tan steel, aluminum, tin.

Q: Other products require washing or chemical treatment of the surface before priming do you?
A: No. Surface must be firm, paintable, and free of grease, oil.

Q: Other rust converters change colors during the process and ends as a hard black crust on the surface. What does your product do and can I see it happen?
A: Rust Knockout® is a "red" color before, during, and after application. The rust conversion happens deep inside the product and the product keeps a uniform color for you to work with. As for the "black crust" which, are hard, brittle, will crack when flexed or receive impact. Rust Knockout® is flexible, and will not crack even when the substrate it's applied to is bent over 1/4" mandrel through 180 degrees.

Q: Most other primers promise a 1 to 1/2 mil dry film thickness at feet per gallon. What is your coverage? square
A: Rust Knockout® will yield a 3 mil dry film thickness at 200 to 250 square feet, depending on the roughness, porosity of the surface.

Q: I'm out of shelf space! I already have several different types of primers on my shelf.
A: The key is that you have several different types of primers. By stocking Rust Knockout® you only need one primer. Free up your shelf space, and inventory.

Q: How versatile is your product?
A: Solves all rust problems from tricycles to battleships.

Q: Can your product be used under water constantly?
A: YES! When properly top coated.