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We have produced an excellent video that explains our products and demonstrates the various applications in which they're used.  You can view this video online.

We now have a streaming version of the movie for those of you with Dial Up modems!

This requires Windows Media Player be installed. If you dont already have it. You can download it here.

Movie (Streaming)

Movie  Intro (Small)

Movie  Intro (medium)
2.7 MB

Movie  (small)
9.2 MB

Movie  (medium)
31.8 MB

If you have a high speed connection you can click on any of the other four links at right to watch them in your browser. Or you may download them to your hardrive and watch them them.

*The good news is, you can minimize the movie window while the file is  downloading, and use the download time to visit the rest of our site!

 If  you do not have Quick Time please click the logo to download it :


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